May 24 - 26, 2023

Learn the profit-making strategies that are working for your favorite makers and designers 

so you can get your crochet business in front of more eyes, create long-term raving fans, 

and make more sales in 2023.

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Sadly, most makers aren’t generating the profits they’d hoped for…

Hey you amazing artisan…I get it. You love turning your passion into profits, but sometimes the stress of market fluctuations, pressure to do all-the-things, expectations, comparison, and unpredictable income can squelch the passion and steal your crojo.

Right about now, you’re feeling…


What works changes so quickly. It’s hard to keep up with it all.


It just feels like noone gets it and it’s hard to do it all by yourself.

Burned Out

You’re striving, hustling, and trying to figure out how to make it all work.

But what you really want is…


To see your number of followers, subscribers, and customers consistently increasing.


To understand and implement strategies that are proven to work in the niche of crochet and design.


To convert viewers to customers to raving fans so you can make predictable profits again and again.


To connect with like-minded crochet business owners for strategy, support, encouragment, and collaboration.

Well, friend, I’m hear to tell you that you can have all these things and more…and I have just the thing to help get you there.


It’s time for you to love your business again.

Join 12+ of your favorite makers, designers, and coaches to learn strategies that are proven to work in 2023 to grow your business, make more sales, and eliminate overwhelm and burnout.
(Yes! This is a recipe for magic no matter how long you’ve been in business.)

Imagine having a steady stream of income, predictable sales, and a reliable list of raving repeat customers!

Meet Your Host

Hi there, I’m Pam!

A business strategist, maker, designer and founder of Crochetpreneur Business Academy and Pamela Grice Coaching

I’m a retired psychotherapist and crochet designer turned multi-six-figure business coach with a passion for helping crocheters experience the personal and financial freedom that come from building a profitable business to fits their own unique vision and personality.


You’ll find my crochet and business building resources at the Crochetpreneur® blog and YouTube channel, the Crochet Business Chat podcast, inside the Crochetpreneur Business Academy, at the Made with a Twist blog and Pamela Grice Coaching blogs, and on the Business, Besties, and Books podcast.


As a multi-passionate creative spirit, I built a bustling business doing it exactly my way – with lots of coffee, lots of adventure, and lots of literal and figurative roller coasters. I want to help you build your business, too, in a way that feels perfectly right for you using strategies that are proven to work in 2023.

All the Details You Need



We kick off on Tuesday, May 23rd with kickoff call and presentations take place May 24 – 26, 2023. Replays will be available for 36 hours from the time of recording.


Wherever you are is where we’ll be.  Your internet access gives you a front-row seat!


Each presentation will be bite-sized, 20-30 minutes long, and will be available until 10:00 pm MDT the day after its premier.


Of course we’re going to have a special summit community! Even before the event starts, you’ll have opportunities to connect with other crochet bosses, work through some crochet business myths that are keeping you stuck, and get a jumpstart on meeting our speakers and taking action toward your business goals.


Ummm…yes, prizes! Summit attendees will have a chance to win goodies daily based on their engagement, a special Bingo game, and an awesome Grand Prize Giveaway valued at $5,000! As a matter of fact, we’re doling out entries over in the Facebook group right now. Register and gain access to join the fun!


I am dedicated to helping you grow a profitable crochet business and making the process as easy as possible even beyond the summit. To help, you’ll hear about my Crochetpreneur Business Academy™ periodically throughout the event. 

On the final day, one lucky (and engaged) attendee will be selected to win a full scholarship to enroll in the Crochetpreneur Business and six bonus courses!

Stay tuned for details and your chance to apply!

Crochet Biz Power Bundle

After registering, you’ll be able to access attendee-only premium upgrades. 

You can get ongoing presentation access, presentation worksheets, transcripts, and slices PLUS over $3K in speaker bonuses, live co-working + networking sessions, group coaching, and more.

AMAZING, RIGHT?! You won’t want to miss this business-boosting opportunity.

Implementation Day (May 26th)

Watching actionable presentations is great, but to see real change happen, you’ll have to take action. And doing so alongside others with similar goals is powerful. That’s why we’ll have live, interactive events on Friday, May 26th! These sessions include:

  • Planning for Productivity Workshop – Create a workable plan for long-term implementation of the strategies you learned in the summit.
  • Networking – Break into small groups to chat about crochet biz and find collaboration opportunities, affiliate partners, and new business besties!
  • Hot Seats – You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions you have about growing your crochet businesses and come on live to chat through them!
  • Co-Working – Get work done alongside other crochet designers and product makers.
  • Keynote Masterclass – Learn to become a Crochet Business Boss with my 3-step Framework for Outrageous Profits. You’ll also hear more about my signature Crochetpreneur Business Academy™ after the training.

These sessions have been designed to take what you’ll learn throughout the week and get you taking action toward your most profitable (and joy-filled) year yet

A summit just for crochet business owners like you!

Hey, I know there are all sorts of summits and workshops out there, but this one is different…and here’s why: 

This summit was created specifically for you. Every single presentation is specially designed to help YOU, the crochet business CEO, by focusing on strategies and concepts with proven results for real life crochetpreneurs (who were once where you are, right now).

We’re not here to overwhelm you with too many action items and hours-long presentations. No, we want you to walk away feeling encouraged and empowered to select the bite-sized, actionable strategies that feel right for you, your business goals, and the life you want to live.

And, if you end up making a new biz bestie or two along the way, all the better!

The Speakers

Learn from these incredibly talented and gracious speakers who have created their own perfectly profitable crochet businesses and who are eager to share their secrets and strategies with you so you can rise to the top of the industry, too!

Day 1
Wednesday, May 24

7am MDT

Small Group Networking

for Crochet Biz Power Bundle Owners

8am MDT

Pam Grice | Crochetpreneur

Getting Started: How to Move Past Fear and into Profits

9am MDT

Patricia Sitler | CroChic Styles

      Patent Your Idea Before It’s Too Late


10am MDT

Kati Brown | Hooked by Kati

Unraveling the Quirks of Amigurumi Design

11am MDT

Michelle Ferguson | Two Brothers Blankets

My Journey to Self-Publishing

12pm MDT

Nicole Riley | Nicki’s

Homemade Crafts 

Optimize Your Facebook Strategy for Sales


1pm MDT

Chantal Miyagishima | Knitatude

Sales Funnels: How to Attract, Educate and Convert Your Audience Into Money Makers


2pm MDT

Dominique Calvillo | Namasteandcrochet

Visual Storytelling

3pm MDT

Alysha Littlejohn | Littlejohn’s Yarn

What’s Working on YouTube Now

4pm MDT

Small Group Networking

for Crochet Biz Power Bundle Owners

Day 2
Thursday, May 25

7am MDT

Co-working Session

for Crochet Biz Power Bundle Owners


8am MST

Taylor Bento | Bags by Bento

Short Videos BIG Impact


9am MST

Helen Wilkinson | Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Organizing Your Available Time to Get the Most Out of Your Business

10am MST

Tonya Bush | Nana’s Crafty Home

Running a Successful Business when Life Happens

11am MST

Edie Eckman |  Edie Eckman

Course Creation: Top Tips




Kim Anderson | Kim Anderson Consulting

3 Secrets to Managing Business as a Squirrel Type Creative


1pm MST

Heather Griffith | HG Designs Crochet

Creating a Cohesive and Professional Brand Across Platforms


                                                        2pm MST

Bonnie Barker/ Bonnie Bay Crochet

Why YouTube LiveStream

Pam square (1)

3pm MST

Pam Grice | Crochetpreneur

A Wellnesss-Protective Business: How to Build a Business That Doesn’t Suck the Life out of You


4pm MDT

Co-working Session

for Crochet Biz Power Bundle Owners

5pm MDT

Behind the Scenes

of the Crochetpreneur Business Academy®

Day 3
Friday, May 26 - Implementation Day!

It’s a day to put all you’ve learned into motion before it gets put on a shelf. We’ll have events throughout the day including:

9:00am MDT

Pamela Grice

Planning for Productivity Workshop

10:00am MDT

Crochetpreneur Team

Small Group Networking

11:00am MDT

Pamela Grice

Hot Seat Coaching

12:00pm MDT

Crochetpreneur Team

Co-working Session

1:00pm MDT

Pamela Grice

Scholarship Winner Announcement

2:00pm MDT

Pamela Grice

Crochet Business Boss Masterclass

3:15pm MDT

Pamela Grice

Doors to the Crochetpreneur Business Academy Open

Pam square (1)

4:00pm MDT

Pamela Grice

Summit Closing Call and Giveaway Winners Announced

It’s the most value-packed and impactful crochet business event of the year.

You don’t want to miss this!

It’s time to stitch together your own profit-making crochet business

Let’s get this party started at the Profit Makers 2023 Crochet Business Summit!

Your Questions, Answered

It’s designed for crochet business owners but all fiber artists and handmade sellers are welcome! There are a lot of trainings out there for general handmade business owners, but this one has been created specifically for fiber-based business owners and center around their unique needs, community, and audience.

The main portion of the summit runs from May 24-26, 2022. We’ll kick off on May 23th with a live opening call, and the Facebook community will be ready to welcome you right when you get your ticket!

Each video will be available through 10:00 pm MDT the night after it becomes available. However, you can grab the Crochet Biz Power Bundle to get ongoing access to all of the videos and worksheets, along with other amazing bonuses from the speakers!

Don’t worry! My team and I will be the only ones you’ll hear from, directly, after you’ve registered. That’s so you can get all the updates for the summit and links to each day’s videos. After the summit is over, you’ll continue to receive weekly crochet business tips from me, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

As for the speakers, the only way your email address will be shared with them is if you opt-in for their freebie during their presentation or via their bonus in the Crochet Biz Power Bundle. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and want to hear from. Again, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

All presentations will have closed captioning. Transcriptions are also available for each presentation with our upgrade options that you’ll see after registering for the event.

We will do everything we can to ensure that all Facebook live videos and Zoom chats are, likewise, captioned.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy this event.

All of our speakers for this summit have been hand-picked and invited to speak at the event. Our slots are currently full. However, we’re open to additional affiliates or potential speakers for next year’s summit. If you’re interested in affiliate details or being considered for the Crochet Business Summit in 2024, email [email protected]!


Due to the tricky nature of technology and my desire to keep things rolling as smoothly as possible, all guest presentations have been taped beforehand and will be aired at their scheduled time. However, you’ll still be able to engage with the speakers, after their presentation airs, inside the summit Facebook group where they’ll hold LIVE Q + A sessions.

We love to support businesses who support crochet entrepreneurs and fiber artists. If you’d like to partner with us for this event with sponsorship or giveaway items, please email [email protected] with your ideas. We’d love to collaborate!

No problem! Shoot an email over to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Start implementing strategies that will have you making all the money you want, rocking the socks off your friends and family, and enjoying your business, craft, and life in a whole new way!

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