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Heather Griffith


Heather Griffith

I’m Heather, a granny square obsessed Crochet Designer, mama to Teddy (my son) and keeper of Albie (my pony sized dog)!

I’ve been crocheting for 12 + years and in 2020 I taught myself how to publish patterns for my granny square garment designs. Fast forward five months and I left my corporate legal career to go full time as a Crochet Designer.

My wish is that those you care for get to see you happy, fulfilled and living your dreams with financial security and a life on your own terms thanks to the magic that is crochet. The power that this will give to you, your children and your community is immeasurable. That will change society for all of us.

When I am not changing the world, one crochet pattern at a time or throwing granny squares around like confetti, you will find Teddy and I in my vegetable patch, reading in the sunshine or playing on my yellow Switch. Usually my journal, planners and a granny square project isn’t far.

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