Friday, March 29, 2024 starting at 9am Eastern

Join Pam Grice plus some of the most inspiring coaches in the crochet industry (aka your new mentors) LIVE FOR FREE! Get coaching to overcome the things holding you back, and finally experience the success you’ve been dreaming of!

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We can either learn to overcome the things holding us back and keeping us stuck…like self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and problems with perfectionism and productivity…or we can stay stuck on the hamster wheel doing the same old things and getting the same old results.

Imagine making 2024 the year you truly learn to believe in your potential, trust yourself to take action, and go from doubting what’s possible to knowing you can make your dream business a reality! NOW is the time! Don’t let more weeks and months go by staying stuck where you are.

Don’t arrive at the end of 2024 only to find that you’re in the same place as you were in 2023, or that you’ve left behind opportunities to create the future you truly desire. Together, let’s make 2024 the year you finally BREAK THROUGH!

There’s a solution to stuckness and struggle for crochet business owners…

and it's the Crochet Business Coach-a-Thon!

During our 12-hour virtual group-coaching session, you’ll learn from some of the top mentors in the industry LIVE. They’ve learned to bust down barriers of self-doubt, get past the fear of failure, harness the power of community, overcome the things holding them back, and turn their passion for crochet into incredible businesses. Now, each is dedicated to helping other makers to create success stories of their own. 

This is your ONE CHANCE to gain these experts’ secrets, strategies, and support LIVE and for FREE all in one day and one place!

Meet Your Mentors

All times shown in Eastern/Mountain time.

9am EDT/7am MDT

Elise Speed
Crochet Business Journey

10am EDT/8am MDT

Kati Brown
Ami Design/Diversification

11am EDT/9am MDT

Jennifer Priest

Pinterest/Organic Traffic

12pm EDT/10am MDT

Teri Houghton
Team Building/Strategy

1pm EDT/11am MDT

Kirsten Holloway Design/Photography

2pm EDT/12pm MDT

Hortense Maskens

3pm EDT/1pm MDT

Nicole Riley


4pm EDT/2pm MDT

Alysha Littlejohn


5pm EDT/3pm MDT

Pam Grice
Craft Fairs/Market Prep

6pm EDT/4pm MDT

Pam Grice
Income Streams

7pm EDT/5pm MDT

Beth Elliott
Somatic Crochet

8pm EDT/6pm MDT

Pam Grice
Getting the Help You Need

The can't wait to serve you!

Meet Your Host

Pam is a crochet designer and psychotherapist, the inspiring force behind the Crochetpreneur® blog. Utilizing her therapeutic knowledge and the practical experience of a successful Etsy seller, she guides makers towards both personal and financial liberation through artisan entrepreneurship. When not coaching, counseling, or crocheting, Pam can be found indulging in grandparenting duties or enjoying the beautiful vistas of Colorado. An introverted people-lover, Pam is a constant source of encouragement, solutions, and creativity, habits fostered by an unusual childhood spent absorbed in encyclopedias and yarn. Pam cherishes the lifestyle that crocheting has crafted for her, a fulfilling life spent on her off-grid homestead in the stunning mountains of Colorado alongside her husband, Kevin, and their menagerie of animals.

The Details


March 29, 2024

9am – 9pm EDT / 7am – 7pm MDT


It’s all online…you’ll get to join us for this 12-hour livestream from the comfort of home with WIP on hand!


Before the livestream, you’ll receive a custom link to join us on-camera or off where you’ll get personalized coaching from some of the top coaches in the industry.


You won’t go it alone. We have a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with other business owners and share your insights and wins!


Your registration gets you entered into a drawing to win prizes designed to help you further your business growth and success!

Power Pack

Once you register, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Crochet Biz Power Pack where you’ll get access to the replay of the livestream PLUS replays of the upcoming, in-person Crochet Business Summit, access to more coaching opportunities, business courses, books, and other resources!

Are you ready to get bold, get brave, and build that business you've dreamed of?

Together, let’s make 2024 the year you truly learn to step out of the stuckness of your comfort zone, trust your potential, and go from procrastination to profits!

Join Pam Grice and your NEW mentors LIVE in this strategy-boosting and confidence-building experience unlike anything that’s ever been done before! For the first time ever, an inspiring and experienced group of makers, designers, and coaches are coming together to share their secrets about break through stuck places, overcoming road blocks, and building a profitable and fun crochet business…

And you’re invited to join for FREE!!!

This event is THE EVENT where you’ll learn from top coaches and successful crochetpreneurs on how to get unstuck from the things holding you back, and learn to truly step into ALL that you can be as a crochet CEO…you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

This 100% FREE, 100% LIVE virtual event is happening March 29 from 9am – 9pm EDT (7am – 7pm Denver MDT). Sign up now so you don’t miss out! It’s only happening ONCE so click the link below to register…


It's time to...

Unleash the full potential of your passion for crochet – Discover innovative strategies to transform your hobby into a thriving business. Learn how to effectively market your creations, streamline your production process, and create a brand that resonates with your ideal customers. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a clear, actionable plan that will set you apart in the crochet market.

Overcome your creative and business blocks – Tackle the common challenges that crochet business owners face, from overcoming creative blocks to managing inventory and financial hurdles. Engage with experts who’ve been in your shoes and emerged victorious. You’ll leave with not just solutions to your current dilemmas but also strategies to prevent future obstacles.

Strategically scale your operations – It’s time to think bigger and bolder about your crochet business. Learn the secrets to scaling your operations without sacrificing quality or your personal life. Whether you’re looking to expand your product line, reach new markets, or increase your online presence, get ready to dive deep into growth tactics that work. Discover how to leverage social media, SEO, and other digital tools to reach a wider audience and boost your sales.

Register Today for a Brighter Tomorrow!


The Coach-a-Thon will be recorded and included in the Crochet Biz Power Bundle which can be purchased immediately after registering.

Absolutely! When you register, you’ll be entered to win one of our many prizes throughout the day. We’ll be giving away yarn, business tools, books, and more! One lucky registrant will even an hour of free 1:1 coaching with Pam Grice, Crochetpreneur – where we’ll deep dive into the successes and struggles of your business and make a plan to overcome, implement, and get the success you’re striving for!

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